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Get the quality dental care that you deserve – call Avila Dental today.

If you’re looking for a dentist near Burbank, IL, that can bring you quality and affordable dental care even without an insurance plan, look no further than the team at Avila Dental.

Since we opened our doors, our community dental practice has provided the best dentistry in Burbank, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to make every one of our clients feel like they belong, which is why we provide personalized treatment plans for each individual who visits.

So, if you need crowns, bridges, or a simple teeth cleaning appointment, you can trust Avila Dental and the best dentists in Illinois.

Read through our patient reviews to learn more about how we’ve brought premiere dental care to people throughout Burbank, IL. 

Membership Plans with Avila Dental

When you sign up for a membership plan with Avila Dental, not only will you save money on routine check-ups and cleanings, but you will also receive 35% additional treatments not covered in the membership.

For no higher than $200 per person a year, a membership plan from our dental practice can help you save money on essential dental services, even without the aid of an insurance plan.

There is no deductible required and no waiting period, just one year’s worth of affordable access to the following services:

  • Two routine dental cleanings and oral exams per year
  • Fluoride treatment twice per year.
  • Access to regular dental x-rays
  • One emergency examination at no additional cost

Services Available at Avila Dental

Regularly scheduled dental cleanings from a dentist near Burbank, IL, are typically the only reason most people visit the dentist, but those services are far from the only ones we provide at Avila Dental.


If minor fractures or decay ever take ahold of your teeth, a filling from Avila Dental can help take care of the issue. Fillings are applied over the surface of the tooth to fill out any holes or structural damage.


Dental crowns are the go-to solution at Avila Dental to address severe tooth fractures and large sections of teeth that need filling in. Crowns are also helpful for protecting weaker teeth from damage in the future.


If you have teeth damaged beyond the point of saving with a root canal, Avila Dental offers complete tooth removal and dental implants of artificial teeth.

Want to know more about the dentists that handle these services at Avila Dental? Read about our team, and feel free to call our office to learn more.

Visit Avila Dental Today

To find the best dentist near Burbank, IL, visit the team at Avila Dental today.

Our expert team offers affordable membership plans on essential services, as well as a 25% discount on dental care for uninsured members. Our mission is to ensure high-quality dental care is accessible for people in Burbank, IL, and the surrounding areas, without high costs.

To schedule an appointment with Avila Dental in the Burbank, IL area, call us today at (773) 207-5274.

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Our goal is to ensure a personalized treatment plan for every patient that sits in our dental chair.At Avila Dental, our goal is to ensure a personalized treatment plan for every patient that sits in our dental chair. As a thank you for joining our family, we offer a 25% discount for non-insured patients!


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