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Have your teeth professionally cleaned and cared for – call Avila Dental near Bridgeview, IL, today.

Quality dental care from a team of trustworthy professionals shouldn’t have to be an unaffordable luxury. Routine dental cleanings can be essential to preserve your mouth’s health and hygiene but are procedures that many people without top-tier insurance plans pass up on.

So, if you need a dentist near Bridgeview, IL, that will bring you the best dental services at an affordable cost, you can count on the team at Avila Dental. Our dental practice has brought routine and advanced dental care to the people of Bridgeview, IL, with cost-effective membership plans and 25% off discounts for non-insured members.

Whether you want a dental cleaning or a more advanced procedure, you can count on the best dentist team in Bridgeview. To find out more about how we’ve helped patients across the state of Illinois, read through a few of our customer reviews.

In-House Membership with Avila Dental

Membership plans with Avila Dental are one of the best ways to bring affordable and comprehensive dental care to you and your family. For $200 per adult and $135 per child year, you can access essential dental procedures for an entire year at our dental clinic.

There is no deductible required and no waiting period, just instant access to a cost-effective membership program that includes the following services:

  • Routine dental cleanings twice per year
  • Fluoride treatment and oral examinations twice per year
  • Regular dental x-rays
  • One emergency examination at no additional cost
  • 35% off other necessary treatments

Dental Services With Avila Dental

Avila Dental provides comprehensive treatment plans and is the established go-to dentist near Bridgeview, IL. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of dental procedures. While most people only receive dental cleanings when they visit the dentist, we provide quality care for several other dental needs.


Since it happens in your sleep when you aren’t aware of what you’re doing, you might not think much about how much damage grinding your teeth at night is causing. But repeated tooth grinding can cause long-term jaw and dental injury, which is why Avila Dental offers nightguards to prevent any adverse effects.


Dental fillings address any damage on the tooth’s surface caused by minor fractures or decay. Avila Dental can make your mildly damaged teeth look and feel as good as new with a filling in no time.


Dental implants are roots for artificial teeth that can keep any tooth replacements looking natural and feeling secure in your jaw.

If you want to learn more about the team at Avila Dental responsible for these services, read through our staff’s biographies or call our office today.

Visit Avila Dental Today

To receive the best dental care from a dentist near Bridgeview, IL, visit Avila Dental today.

Between our cost-effective membership plans available to all clients, as well as our 25% discount for uninsured new members, there is no better place to receive quality and affordable dental care than at Avila Dental.

Call Avila Dental at (773) 207-5274 for quality dentistry in Bridgeview, IL.

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Our goal is to ensure a personalized treatment plan for every patient that sits in our dental chair.At Avila Dental, our goal is to ensure a personalized treatment plan for every patient that sits in our dental chair. As a thank you for joining our family, we offer a 25% discount for non-insured patients!


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