Tooth Filling in Chicago, IL

Dental Fillings in Chicago, IL


Cavities are common among both children and adults. Dental professionals use fillings to remove the decayed parts of a tooth and replace them with durable and artificial material.

Fillings restore healthy mouths by helping to prevent future cavities while keeping the structure of the infected tooth intact. Unfortunately, over 90% of Americans experience cavities, with many of those going untreated. Cavities that go without treatment can escalate into gum disease and other oral hygiene problems. Avila Dental offers professional dental fillings in Chicago, IL, as well as other dental care services.


What Is a Tooth Filling?

A tooth filling is an ideal solution for teeth with cavities or cracks. It works by replacing the damaged or infected part of the tooth with artificial material.


Materials Used for a Dental Filling

There are several different options for filling material:

  • cast gold
  • silver (amalgam)
  • ceramic
  • glass ionomer
  • composite resin
  • porcelain

The type of material you choose for teeth fillings will depend on a variety of factors. For example, cast gold, silver, and ceramic material fillings are highly durable and typically last up to 15 years. Composite resin, ceramic, and porcelain are less sturdy, but they provide a more natural look as they come in various off-white shades.

Your budget may also determine which material works best for you. Gold and silver are the more expensive options due to their impressive durability. Ceramic and composite resin are popular filling choices as they are typically less costly, natural-looking, and highly reliable materials.


What Happens During Dental Fillings?

During a filling, your dentist will remove the decayed or damaged part of your tooth to prevent it from spreading. Once the tooth is clean, they will apply the filling material to fit the unique shape of your tooth.

Fillings are ideal for minor teeth issues. Should your tooth have extensive damage or decay, your dentist may recommend a crown instead.


Types of Teeth Fillings


Indirect Fillings

Your dentist will use an indirect filling when your tooth is too damaged for a filling but not enough for a crown. The process is similar to a regular filling and uses a ceramic-like material that provides a natural, tooth-colored look.

Temporary Fillings

Temporary fillings secure your tooth while you wait for your permanent filling. Teeth fillings often require more than one visit to your dentist’s office in Chicago, IL. The first visit is when you receive your temporary filling, and the second visit is for your permanent one.


Dental Fillings in Chicago, IL

The best way to avoid a filling is to schedule a professional dental cleaning twice a year. Regular cleaning helps to remove stubborn plaque and tartar and prevents significant oral health complications.

Avila Dental provides dental fillings in Chicago, IL, as well as regular cleanings to keep smiles healthy and happy.

Cavities are common among adults, even those who brush their teeth regularly. If you have a cavity or need to know your options for teeth fillings, let Avila Dental show you your options and help you determine the best course of action.

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Our goal is to ensure a personalized treatment plan for every patient that sits in our dental chair.At Avila Dental, our goal is to ensure a personalized treatment plan for every patient that sits in our dental chair. As a thank you for joining our family, we offer a 25% discount for non-insured patients!


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